Indian Institute of Metals
Delhi Chapter
Seminar on Nano Technology

The IIM-DC organised a Seminar on Nano Technology on 05 May 2012 in its auditorium.
The Seminar was attended by about 60 persons. The audience included students pursuing Nano Technology stream, officers from Ministry of Steel, SAIL, MECON, CET, Joint Plant Committee and few other organisations.
Mr. Anil Gupta Chairman IIM-DC welcomed the participants. He gave a brief presentation about the activities of IIM-DC.
Mr. P K Chatterjee, Member EC, while briefly introducing Nano Technology, mentioned that Nano Technology combines Engineering, Physics, Chemistry & Biology and has a tremendous potential as a revolutionary concept pertaining to key Science & Technological areas.
This technology basically involves manipulation of atoms molecules & materials, to form structures on the Nano Scale (billionth of a metre). These new structures physically exhibit new properties or behaviour due to quantum mechanics.
Five eminent scientists from different institutes/organisations gave presentations as under:
  1. Dr. R P Singh, Director, Amity Institute of Nano Technology gave a key-Note address in the Seminar and spoke on “Indian Status of Nano Technology & its Future Perspectives”
  2. Dr. P K Chaudhury, Scientist G & Head Nano Technology Division of Solid State Physics at Ministry of Defence, R & D Organisation, spoke on “Carbon Nano based Tube Devices”
  3. Dr. A K Srivastava, Principal Scientist at National Physical Laboratory, N.Delhi, gave a presentation on “Materials Characterisation at Nano Scale: Importance & Implication”
  4. Dr. R. Bhattacharyya, Visiting Faculty of Delhi Technological University, spoke on “Metal Nano Particles and the Promise of Plasmanics”
  5. Dr. O P Sinha of Amity Institute of Nano Technology addressed the gathering on “Role of Nano Technology on Solid State Lighting”
The salient points emerging out of summarising the presentations are:
  1. The wide area of applicability of Nano Technology has several examples such as computer chips, harder cutting tools, transmission cables, various defence needs and lighting etc.
  2. The unique role of electron microscope as a tool for Nano Material Characterisation has wide applications
  3. Nano Technology has led to re-thinking on the approach to optics and about new research efforts called plasmanics
  4. The role of semi-conductors of metal oxides Nano structures in Organics Light Emitting Diodes (OLED)
Shri P K Chatterjee proposed a vote of Thanks.
As a token of appreciation, Mementos were presented by IIM DC to all the distinguished speakers.
The Seminar ended with lunch.