Indian Institute of Metals
Delhi Chapter
NMD Celebrations at IIM Delhi Chapter on 03Dec 2011

IIM Delhi Chapter organized the Chapter Level NMD Celebrations in the New Lecture Hall of the Institute on 3.12.2011. Around 40 members participated in the NMD Celebrations.
Shri Neeraj Gupta, Treasurer, IIM DC, gave a brief profile of the `Talks’ to be delivered on the occasion. Dr. G. Mukherjee, former Vice Chairman SAIL, Dr. S R Jain, former Chairman, SAIL, Dr. R K Iyengar, President, Technovations International Inc., USA and Dr. A K Srivastava, Principal Scientist, NPL were welcomed with bouquet by IIM Delhi Chapter.
Shri K L Mehrotra, Vice Chairman, IIM DC, gave a welcome address and briefed the delegates about the Celebrations. Shri Anil Gupta, Chairman, IIM DC, presented a brief description of the technical activities held by the Institute in the last six months and the activities to be undertaken in the next few months.
Shri S C Suri, Vice chairman, IIM DC, gave a brief introduction of Dr. G. Mukherjee, former Vice Chairman SAIL.
Thereafter Dr. G Mukherjee spoke on “Genesis of Production and Processing of Alloy Steels for Critical Industrial Segments”. The talk covered the evolution of Production and Processing of Alloy Steel Applications since 1950. He also touched upon the history of Alloy Steel Production in India. His talk touched in the following issues:
  • Review of customer requirement
  • Need for standardization
  • Market survey
  • Requirement of end users segment
  • Development of Indian Standards Code based on ASI, JIS & DIN specifications
  • Case studies for Production and Processing of Special Steels
The Talk evinced a lot of interest among the participants.
Dr. S R Jain, former Chairman SAIL briefly addressed the gathering. He commented that the pin drop silence of the audience, while Dr. Mukherjee was speaking indicates the attention with which the house was listening to the informative address of Dr. Mukherjee.
Thereafter Chairman, IIM DC, gave an introduction profile of Dr. R K Iyengar, President, Technovations International Inc., USA.
Dr. Iyengar addressed the gathering on “Continuous Improvements in Steel Plants”. His presentation was based on his experience of Technovations International. The highlights of his presentation included the steps needed for:
  • Continuous improvement of performance of Steel Plants
  • Energy Efficiency Front
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Techno-economic parameters Improvement
  • Interaction with R&D and Engineering Units
  • Management Front
The presentation was well received by the audience.
After this, Shri Neeraj Gupta, Treasurer, IIM DC presented the credentials of Dr. A K Srivastava.
Dr. Srivastava, Principal Scientist, National Physical Laboratory spoke on “Complex Growth Morphologies, Microstructures and Properties of Advance Aluminum Alloys, Composites and Novel Nanostructure”. His talk was devoted to research work carried out by him in this area. His talk evinced lot of interest in the audience.
After the conclusion of the talk by Dr. Srivastava, Chairman, IIM Delhi Chapter spoke about the Chapter Level NMD Awards introduced by IIM DC from this year. He informed that this year the IIM DC has decided to give one award of “Outstanding Dedication Services”. He announced that the recipient of this award is Shri S C Suri, Vice Chairman, IIM DC. The audience greeted Shri S C Suri with profound clapping after this announcement.
Thereafter Award and Mementoes were given to Shri S C Suri, Dr. G. Mukherjee, Dr. S R Jain, Dr. R K Iyengar and Dr. A K Srivastava.
Shri Suri was handed over the Outstanding Dedication Trophy and Certificate of Award by Dr. S R Jain.
Shri S C Suri, Vice Chairman, IIM DC and recipient of the Outstanding Dedication of Award, made their observations on the occasion.
Shri Neeraj Gupta, Treasurer, moved a vote of thanks after conclusion of the Celebrations.
The Celebrations ended with lunch.